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Dining Among The Stars


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A tantalizing collection of recipes and anecdotes from some of the legendary artists of our times, covering all continents and cultures.

Every one of us has been moved by the magic created on stage or screen by actors, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and authors or by the magic created on canvas by visual artists or photographers. Now, with the publication of this culinary collection, we can experience firsthand and share the wizardry these artists create – not on the stage or screen nor on canvas – but in the kitchen – the global kitchen.

For more than four decades, acclaimed impresario Michael Paul Curry has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of today’s legends of classical, jazz and world music, of classical and contemporary dance, of groundbreaking theatre and comedy and with trailblazing independent filmmakers. He has also spent many years working with Tibetan Buddhist monks and with countless contemporary visual artists.

In celebration of the delights of creativity, he has asked many of these artists to share their favorite culinary concoctions. From Bea Arthur’s luscious leg of lamb to Ella Fitzgerald’s signature spinach or chicken salads to Eugenia Zukerman’s palate pleasing zesty salmon mousse, these delectable dishes and anecdotes will inspire, deligh, and amuse for years to come.

Come explore… Dining Among the Stars… A celestial compendium of creative cuisine from around the world.

Steve Robinson“You can definitely tell anyone that WFMT and the WFMT Radio Network are very interested in this book, not only in Chicago but for the worldwide Radio Network.” – Steve Robinson, Vice President and General Manager, WFMT

Compiled and edited by Michael Paul Curry
Book Design: Mellen Street Creative
Cover: Gloria Coker – Ella – Oil on canvas
May 10, 2016:
“Michael Curry has spent a lifetime involved in the creative arts, presenting a luminous constellation of stars in music, theater and dance. And, along the way, he collected a lot of recipes, in part because Curry – the highly influential director of the Hampton Arts Commission from 1988 -2013 – recognized cooking as an art form unto itself”. Mike Holtzclaw.
Dining Among The Stars includes recipes from:

Nicki Abbott

Nancy Bagley Adams

Ahn Trio – Maria Ahn


Eric Alatorre, Chanticleer

Rani Arbo

Gareth Armstrong

Bea Arthur

Robert L. Barnes

Verena Barnes

Alessio Bax

Marc Baylin

Stephen Beagley

Carol Beck

Paul Bergh, Sr.

Peggy Blake

Claire Bloom, CBE

Susan Borland & Jim Turner

Elaine Bromka

Debbie Brooks

Caroline Brown & Stephen Neiman

Roxanne Lopez Brown

Chris Brubeck

Betty Buckley

Stephen Burns

Julie Calzone

Kacey Sydnor Carneal

Colin Carr

Bobby Carter

Linda Christen

Gloria Coker

Martha Cordell

Robert W. Cross

Michael Paul Curry

Richard & Liz Curry

Michael Doucet

Letia McDaniel Drewry

Judy Dugdale

Mick Escott

JoAnn Falletta

Rob Faust

Frank Ferrante

Ella Fitzgerald

Graham Garton & Barbara Howson

Margaret Gimbrede

Vadim Gluzman

Ginger Grace

Liz Greene

Ronn Guidi

Susie Hamway

Charlie Hensley & David McCann

Dianne Hoffman

Miles &  Susan Hoffman

Bobby & Heidi Lee Huber

Gil Hunter

Sharon Isbin

Laura Tryon Jennings

Joseph Kalichstein

Justin Kauflin

Ida Kavafian

Chee-Yun Kim

Olya &  Alexander Kravets

Dame Cleo Laine

Jenny Learner

Debbie Ellis Maida

Mike Marshall

Andrew Massey

Leisa Mather

John McCutcheon

Evelyn McDonald

Malcolm McKee

Susan Stapleton McLaurin

Paul Mehling

Thiago de Mello

Herman Mhire

Jan Miller

Elisa Monte

Elisabeth Montgomery

Captain L .J. Mumford

Thea Musgrave,CBE & Peter Mark

Rick Nelson

Doris Nicklin

Renee Olsovsky

Ashraf Omran

Maria Paranova

Gary Pecho

Jennifer Anne Perry

Sally Brown Perry

Quartetto Gelato – Peter de Sotto

Carlos Renedo

Bonnie Rideout

Toni Rizzo

Ali Rogan

Felicity Ryan

Jude Schlotzhauer

Dolores Schuyler

Anne Shuyler

Olive Simpson

Dr. Vaughan Burdin Simpson

Jae Sinnett

Elizabeth Reed Smith

Yolande deLadurantaye Snead

Kevin and Cindy Spencer

Sherri Fisher Staples

Mark Summer

Olga Supphozova

Maria H.Thomas

Deborah Thorpe

Mads Tolling

Els Uitendaal Vuijsters

Susan &  Charles Wadsworth

Daniel Weilbaecher

Shar Wolff

Jeanne Zeidler

Eugenia Zukerman

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